2013 Developed the new model crusher with low cost as test model ( Secured ‘Monozukuri’ subvention of Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)
2013 40th Anniversary of establishment
2009 Received an award of excellent entrepreneur of Kanagawa Pref. from Kanagawa Prefectural Governor
2008 60th Anniversary of founding
2005 Introduced the hydraulic driving large-size dual-axle shearing-type crusher, meeting a trend that incinerators of local governments are getting larger
2002 Obtained ISO 9001 certificate
2002 Completed the Technical Center
2000 Increased capital to 30,000,000 in Yen
1998 Developed the screw type constant-quantity feeder for gasification melting incinerator
1998 Commercialized the waste separating system and exhibited in Industrial Waste Treatment Exhibition (in Tokyo Big Sight), attracting attention from various quarters (Received a special award in the audition)
1996 Developed the waste separating system using display screen (Approved as the research development business by Act on Temporary Measures for the Promotion of Creative Business Activities of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)
1994 Developed the low-profile crusher for sewage sediment
1992 Developed the two-stage crushing system for large-size industrial waste
1991 Relocated Head Quarters to Miura City and increased capital to 10,000,000 in Yen
1991 Developed the industrial waste processor for paper manufacturing (Pulper remnants dewatering press machine and Ragger rope shearer)
1989 Developed the screw type dry garbage bag conveyer using shaft shifting technique on crusher, in concert with transition of fluid bed incinerator (Secured the subvention for Advanced Technology Developments in Kanagawa Pref.)
1982 Developed the electricity saving type shearer-type large-size garbage cutter (guillotine) (Secured aid from Engineering Developments Fund in Kanagawa Pref.)
1979 Developed the urban garbage crusher for fluid bed incinerator. Afterward, this became the best-selling crusher since most of fluid bed incinerator manufacturers chose it for pretreatment.
1974 Released the “shaft shifting type” crusher for combustion improvement of incinerator, which can crash more volume by smaller power
1973 Separated the crusher department from Soritsu Kogyosho Co., Ltd. and established HELIOS Co., Ltd.
1948 Found Soritsu Kogyosho Co., Ltd. in Zushi, Kanagawa as a special die and precision machinery component processing company