Description of handling personal information

HELIOS (“the company”) decides privacy policy as below, sets personal information protection setup, ensures that all employees understand the importance of personal information protection and address themselves to the issue, with which the company develops personal information protection.

Personal information management

The company keeps customers’ personal information being accurate and updated, takes necessary measures such as proper maintenance of the setup holding and controlling security system, thorough employee education, etc. to prevent unauthorized access to and loss, damage, manipulation, leak, etc. of personal information, through which personal information is going to be managed strictly.

Use of personal information

The customers’ personal information is used only for sending emails and documents as replies to questions and information from HELIOS to customers.

Prohibition on disclosing or providing personal information to the third parties

HELIOS properly manages personal information provided by customers and never disclose that to the third party in cases other than the below-mentioned.

  • When the customer agrees to
  • When disclosure is made to a firm that HELIOS entrusts some work to perform service requested by the customer.
  • When disclosure is required by law.

Personal information security measures

HELIOS takes every possible measure of security to keep personal information being accurate and safe.

Inquiry about personal information held by HELIOS

When inquiry about, revision on or deletion of personal information comes up, HELIOS first confirms identification of the person making such a request.

Compliance with laws and standards and review of that

HELIOS complies with laws and standards applied to personal information protection and improves the way by reviewing the policy from time to time.


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