Major products and operations

HELIOS advanced and took hold a concept of “Garbage shall be crushed before burning” for the first time in the industry. The concept is now-familiar as common practice. As an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in pretreatment crushers for urban garbage incineration, HELIOS has sought for more efficient burning by means of crushing and accumulated technology and know-how. Expressly, HELIOS is proud of holding a number-one market share in Japan of crusher for the process prior to fluid bed incinerator, having supplied more than 300units across the country.

Customized Design, Development, Manufacturing and Sales for crushers

Modifying specifications and others in detail to meet the customers’ needs, HELIOS designs and manufactures most appropriate machine in usage environment. And HELIOS has laid out framework to meet overseas standards and specifications, such as those of Europe, Asia, China, etc.

Major Products

  • Dual-axle crusher and garbage feeder for the process prior to incineration by fluid bed incinerator and fluid bed gasification melting incinerator
  • Dual-axle large-size garbage crusher and large-size garbage shearer-type crusher in incineration facilities and non-flammable waste disposal facilities 
  • Small-size crusher in sewage plants and compost plants


Having an in-house maintenance department, HELIOS offers integrated service from installation through to regular inspection and maintenance. Under this system, the service of replacing component and conducting weld repair and others are offered so that the your equipment is always kept in good condition.

Major Service

  • Recommending inspection and improvement (Checking load condition and recommending operation improvement)
  • Replacing component (such as cutter, seal part, bearing and others)
  • Repairing and conducting engineering work (repairing cutter by weld, replacing cutter axle and others)
The maintenance department is ready to deal with machines and equipment other than those supplied by HELIOS. Please feel free to contact us.

Plant engineering and development of prototype

HELIOS proposes optimal solution of meeting the customer’s different needs for such as design, manufacture, development of prototype, etc. of garbage hopper and shoot, separator, conveyer, etc. , that is, various kinds of equipment related to crusher and the plant system.

Major Items

  • Bridge breaker and Push-feeding equipment
  • Garbage Hopper, Shoot and Conveyer
  • Recycle separating plant
  • Special Equipment related to paper manufacturing, Pulper remnants dewatering press machine, Ragger rope shearer, etc.