Plant Engineering

  • HELIOS plant engineering meeting the needs of users
Based on the crushing technology that has been developed, HELIOS has proposed the plant design which meets the customers’ needs. With the sufficient idea and high reliability, HELIOS is going to meet the need for recycling and separating that are going to be more diversified.

Non-flammable Garbage Disposal Plant

  • Use: Sorting non-flammable garbage and recyclable garbage
    Sorting flammable and non-flammable waste (Various kinds of plants of sorting recyclable garbage by local governments and public organizations, and recycling at intermediate processing facilities of private sectors.)
  • Sorted waste: Iron, Aluminum, Bottles, Plastic containers, Flammable materials, sediment
  • Capacity: 1~5tons/hour
  • Components: Crusher, Bag breaking crusher, Feeder, Magnetic separator, Aluminum separator, Bottle separator, Trommel, Pressing machine, Conveyer, etc.



Automatic Separator

Automation of separating waste recycled reduces work burden and contributes to ensuring safety a lot. HELIOS developed the automatic separating line with robot arms instructed on touch-panel type monitor without worker’s direct touch on dangerous materials.
  • Use: Separator by monitor screen. Being instructed on the monitor, the robot arms conduct separating.
  • Materials separated: Freely adjustable (However the sortable size is limited from PET bottle cap size to 1.8liter bottle size)
  • Separating Capacity: 2,000pieces/hour with two manipulators
  • Configuration of components: Separately feeding device, Picking belt conveyer, Material-identification by photo-shooting, Touch-panel type monitor, Special hand for picking, Tri-axle manipulator, Storage box for separated materials


Automatic separator

automatic separator