Peripheral Equipment

  • HELIOS Peripheral Equipment of Crushing Process meeting different needs
As an engineering and manufacturing company specialized in crushing which is the process prior to incineration of garbage, HELIOS is going to address various tasks related to crushing and to improve customer satisfaction.

Separately Feeding Device

By swaying the separating plate, this equipment makes constant feeding possible and avoids excessive load. This is HELIOS original equipment patented same as the cantilever dual-axle type garbage feeder

Separately Feeding Device Separately Feeding Device

Foreign Material Ejector

This is equipment to find out materials unable to be crushed and discharge them outside. Safety in crushing process work is secured as direct access to crusher by workers became unnecessary. Simple structure and reliable function are proved by a lot of actual operation.

Foreign Material Ejector s08_k_img2_2_eng

Torque limiter applied to high load and frequent use

This is HELIOS original torque limiter which is durable in heavy-duty use of crusher, generates heat less in high frequent use and requires only small torque adjustment.
This mechanical overload prevention device ensures protection for the equipment against overload.

Torque limiter applied to high load and frequent use Torque limiter applied to high load and frequent use

Feeding Hopper, Constant-quantity Feeding Apron-conveyer and other kinds of Peripheral Equipment

With designing and manufacturing peripheral equipment such as receiving hopper, push–feeding equipment, constant-quantity feeding apron-conveyer, etc. which meet the customers’ needs, HELIOS proposes more efficient and high effective processing.