Having an in-house maintenance department, HELIOS offers integrated service thorough from installation to regular inspection and maintenance.

Under this system, the service of replacing component and conducting weld repair and others are offered so that the equipment is always kept in good condition.

Major service

  • Recommending inspection and improvement (Checking load condition and recommending operation improvement)
  • Replacing component (such as cutter, seal part, bearing and others)
  • Repairing and conducting engineering work (repairing cutter by welding, replacing cutter axle, repairing garbage feeder and others)
  • Overhauling crushers, garbage feeders and peripheral equipment or installing the same for exchange
  • Redesigning and manufacturing crushers , garbage feeders
The maintenance department is ready to deal with machines and equipment other than those supplied by HELIOS. Please feel free to contact HELIOS.
Phone +81-46-887-2012 Contact: Hayashi

Repairing and overhauling crushers


  • Exchanging crusher cutter
    Exchanging cutter chips
  • Recycling and repairing by welding crusher cutters
  • Exchanging crusher axles
  • Exchanging and repairing reduction gears
  • Exchanging seal parts
  • Exchanging bearings
  • Repairing and replacing casings
  • Repairing and exchanging hoppers
  • Repairing and exchanging shoots
  • Repairing and exchanging apron conveyors
  • Exchanging chains
  • Exchanging and adjusting V-belts
  • Adjusting torque limiters
HELIOS deals with re-designing crusher to match the existing crushers, remodeling for electricity saving with inverter control, overhauling whole unit of crusher, etc. according to demand.
Please feel free to contact.
Phone: +81-46-887-2012 (Contact: Hayashi)