Large-size garbage cutter (Press-shearing-type cutter)

Press-shearing-type cutter (Hydraulic type)

  • Enable to cut Ragger-rope which is industrial waste from paper manufacturing
  • Most suitable for high power cutting of FRP products, fishing nets, etc.
  • Powerful cutting by press-shearing-type cutter
    Sharp blade of the press-shearing-type cutter cuts ragger-ropes, conveyer belts with metal wires in them, etc. which have been almost impossible to be cut with shearer-type cutter or dual-axle crusher. Ragger-ropes, FRP products, fishing nets, etc., are able to be cut now.
  • Blade exclusive for Press-shearing-type cutter
    The blade is of high durability and also easy to change.
  • Automatic cycle operation
    The machine is operated for one whole cycle (about 150 tons) automatically, cutting material to length of 50mm – 400mm with high power cutting. Cutting and separating makes collecting metal and incineration easy and enables disposal cost to reduce and waste to recycle.

Principal specifications

Download: List of Principal specifications Press-shearing-type cutter (PDF:100KB)

Equipment photo

Press-shearing-type cutter (Hydraulic type)

Equipment image

Press-shearing-type cutter