Garbage feeder

Dual-axle screw type garbage feeder

  • Constant-quantity feeding ability, of top-class in the industry, was realized.
  • Various devices, for making higher constant-quantity feeding, can attribute improvement of incineration.
Garbage feeder is material conveyer set before incinerator of fluid bed, pyrolysis, or gasification. With this device, realizing higher constant-quantity feeding is important for stabilizing combustion. Only HELIOS, who has always sought new technology of crusher to contribute to improving combustion at incinerators, could realize this garbage feeder with outstandingly high level of constant-quantity feeding.
  • Screw type conveyer of outstanding high durability
    As maintenance of screws of garbage feeders located near the incinerators is a hard work, HELIOS’s screws are coated with material of high wear resistance to get higher durability.
  • Axle shifting type screw conveyer (available only for both-end supported screw type):
    Screw axle shift mechanism, for when over loading occurs, to make bag breaking and constant-quantity feeding simultaneously.
  • Compression prevention device
    Device to avoid crushed garbage is compressed in the screw.
  • Bridge breaker (available only for cantilever screw type):
    The device to break conveyed garbage into lumps before feeding to avoid mass feeding.

Principal specifications

Download: List of Principal specifications Garbage feeder (PDF:100KB)

Equipment photo

Cantilever dual-axle garbage feeder

Cantilever dual-axle Screw type garbage feeder

Equipment image

Both-end supported dual-axle screw type garbage feeder
Both-end supported dual-axle screw type garbage feeder

Cantilever Dual-axle  screw type garbage feeder
Cantilever Dual-axle screw type garbage feeder